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Chris lynes

Years of experience: 2

Chris is a graduate of Fairfield University and has spent 2 years working in consumer marketing for Time Inc., specifically with brands such as Sports Illustrated and Southern Living. He enjoys reading, travel, and anything to do with Star Wars.

"Here at PicScor, we try to dig deeper into the engagement of a given social post beyond just the quantitative metrics like likes and comments. When you begin to factor the rate at which a post is engaged with, amongst a variety of other variables, you can really begin to understand the tendencies of your target audience."

CHRis lynes


TOM balanda

Years of experience: 2

Tom is also a graduate of Fairfield University and currently works at RightClick Recruiting. He is an avid golfer and always looks forward to his annual trip down to Georgia to watch the Masters golf tournament with his Dad.


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As seniors at Fairfield University, it occurred to Co-Founders Chris Lynes and Tom Balanda that the way in which we currently measure and evaluate the performance and success/failure of social media posts/campaigns was tremendously flawed. While most analytical tools and independent users focus on the quantity of likes, comments, and other forms of engagement that a given post generates, they fail to account for the rate at which a post is liked and how it performs at detailed intervals throughout the maturity of a given post. By taking these rarely considered variables into account, Chris and Tom felt that PicScor would provide a new way of examining posts and determining how brands and users alike can most effectively reach specifically targeted users at pre-determined points of any given day.